World Arts Education Corporation

Exhibition Name:   "Look At the Front Horizontally"   Sino-German Artists Exchange Exhibition

Exhibition Time:      Dec 28, 2019-Jan 13, 2020

Location:                  WAE Contemporary Fine Arts Gallery, San Diego, USA

                                  7946 Ivanhoe Ave, La Jolla, CA 92037

Sponsor:                   Beijing Cuiyu Mingzhu International Culture and Art Co., Ltd

Supporting Units:    Creative Institute of China Academy of Arts, Art Appreciation,Beijing Zhongyiyuan Cultural Communication Co., Ltd

Curator:                    WAE Contemporary Fine Arts Gallery

Exhibition Coordinator:      Katelin Kelly

Media Support:      Zeitungsverlag Waiblingen, JPW Culture and Art, International Art,

Exhibited Artists:    Dian Ding, Lequn Shi, Yujing Wang, Yahui Yang, Haisu Zhao, Yue Zhao

Organized and planned by Beijing Cuiyu Mingzhu International Culture and Art Co., Ltd., "Look At the Front Horizontally" Sino-German Artists Exchange Exhibition American station was successfully opened on December 28, 2019 in WEA Contemporary Fine Arts Gallery. Six artists, Dian Ding, Lequn Shi, Yujing Wang, Yahui Yang, Haisu Zhao and Yue Zhao, were invited to the exhibition.

On the opening day, the paintings were highly praised by the opening ceremony guests and the audience.

"Dian Ding's works make me feel like I'm back in my childhood. In short, I'm very happy to see it and even forget the weather outside. "This is what a fashion management designer at Parsons School of design at the new school said.

"When I saw that black oil painting (by Lequn Shi), I felt that it was a bit like a dream, more like a piece in a nightmare. I didn't dare to see it, ha ha..."

A critic said: "The application of painting language is more special in this exhibition. About half of the works are mixed with the creation language of East and West ".

The exhibition will last until January 13, 2020.

Dian Ding
Dazzling World
69x69 cm
Lequn Shi
Buyi Series, NO.7
100x100 cm
Yujing Wang
220x203 cm
Yahui Yang
200x200 cm
Haisu Zhao
Yue Zhao
32x28 cm