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Lequn Shi
Graduated from Education Department of Zhejiang Academy of fine arts, oil painting department of China Academy of fine arts, master's degree. Exhibition experience: Daily state (Hangzhou) The second China ASEAN Youth Art Creation Exhibition, Nanning, China "Negative'08 national fine arts college graduate excellent works exhibition", Shenzhen, China Recording contemporary national oil painting exhibition, Beijing, China Mirror making - 930 Contemporary Exhibition, Shanghai, China Exhibition of national major historical art creation works of the Ministry of culture, China Art Museum, Shanghai Art Museum, Zhejiang Art Museum,etc. (National tour). The first comprehensive painting exhibition of Zhejiang Province, Ningbo, China

Buyi Series, No.7
Linen, board, paper, propylene, oil painting
100×100 cm

Buyi Series, No.7 (Partial View)
Everyone has his own experience. The behavior of seeking experience itself has the characteristics of fragmentary fragments. The behavior process will appear uncertain, and the behavior goal may only seek the possibility of transformation and the degree of presentation. At this time, the words will be so pale and helpless, and the images will be erratic. There is no formula similar to mathematics that can transform words into pictorial language. Moreover, a sentence will cause the difference of meaning due to the weight of tone. A music score will be excited or sad because of the speed of rhythm.A figure is also so.
                                                                                               (Lequn Shi)