World Arts Education Corporation


World Arts Education Corporation is an international non-profit arts education organization with offices in Princeton, New Jersey, and Beijing, China. The organization advocates for the arts, arts education, and related fields, and frequently collaborates with other philanthropic and similarly minded organizations to support the invaluable work of artists, educators, scholars, and professionals in these fields. World Arts Education Corporation also conducts research in the arts, arts education, and related fields in an effort to advance current scholarship, techniques, methodologies, pedagogy, and research. The organization frequently publishes and contributes to academic research, as well as more general research in the arts, arts education, and international art market. We are a service oriented organization that is devoted to promoting and fostering cooperation and understanding, as well as developing cultural relations and diplomacy in everything we do. A cornerstone of our work and mission as a non-profit is the exchange of knowledge and experiences of different cultures, peoples, and traditions, both historic and contemporary. We strive to promote understanding of our mutual artistic and cultural heritage through creative and educational endeavors, cultural awareness and enrichment opportunities, community outreach events and programming, and community service projects and charitable work. We are committed to providing high quality education, programming, and development opportunities for artists, arts professionals, and the general public.

Many of our programs and services support young, emerging artists and arts professionals with educational and professional development, as well as providing creative and educational opportunities for our community. In association with our partners and sponsors, we provide opportunities for aspiring artists and other professionals to tour colleges, universities, and other educational institutions and programs. We also offer training and educational programs to assist professionals in the arts in developing sustainable livelihoods and actualizing their artistic vision and work. In support of our mission as a non-profit, we aim to provide access to diverse resources and to aid arts professionals in cultivating their methodology, knowledge, and skills. We also collaborate with academic institutions, museums, and galleries to showcase our artists’ work in exhibitions and offer special events and programming opportunities to assist our artists in obtaining patrons and sponsors as they establish and advance their careers. As an international organization, we are dedicated to promoting cultural exchange and celebrating the achievements of humanity’s artistic and cultural heritage.