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Yunfei Zhang
Yunfei Zhang is keen on expressing her daily life and her works are full of this passion for life. Based on her love of food, Yunfei has tried to express this theme with different materials since 2017. During this period the medium of her works were mainly paper and watercolor, which acted as a delicate record of the food she

encountered daily. There are small plump figures with different postures hidden in the paintings, adding a playfulness and liveliness to her works. Since 2018, Yunfei Zhang has refined elements of her practice for the work "Roasted Autumn Saury". With the help of silk, synthetic materials and other mediums, she depicts textures of food and forms a unique and personal artistic language.

Born in 1990
2012-2016  BA, School of Chinese Painting, Central Academy of Fine Arts
2016-2019  MA, School of Chinese Painting, Central Academy of Fine Arts
Exhibition and Award:
2015  "A Journey of a Thousand Miles- The 6th Key Chinese Fine Arts Colleges and Class 2015 Outstanding Works             Exhibition", Art Museum of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Chongqing
2017  Draw For China- National Art College Figure Painting Teaching Seminar, Teachers and Students Painting Exhibition, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing
          "On the Balance"- The 6th Graduate Student Works Exhibition of Central Academy of Fine Arts, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing
          Xishuangbanna International Art Exhibition- Invitation Exhibition of Contemporary Paper Ink International Artists, Xishuangbanna National Museum, Jinghong
          Group painting "Eating Love" won the silver prize of watercolor painting group, painting category in "Academy Style- the First National Graduate Student Art Exhibition"
2018  "College Spirit- Natural Law"- The 4th Exhibition of Excellent Works of Graduate Students from Eight Fine Arts Institutes, Yiwu International Expo Center, Yiwu    
          Tribute to the 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening: the 8th "Youth   Footprints" student theme creation exhibition, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing
          "Eating Love– Fish You Meet" won the 3rd prize of Luo Gong Liu Youth Collective Creation Award
2015  "A Flash of Thought" was collected by the Central Academy of Fine Arts
2015  "A Flash of Thought" and "Looking Back" were published in "Enjoy Art"
          "A Flash of Thought" was published in the “Guangming Daily”
2016  Illustration for “Chinese Heritage Magazine”