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Yujing Wang

The important artistic feature Yujing Wang is exploring is "What traditional artistic

nutrients must be absorbed by contemporary Chinese ink painting?". In her early creations, Yujing studied ink, color, strokes and composition based on Chinese freehand brushwork techniques. At the same time, she pays attention to the survival and changes of culture in the context of globalization. Yujing believes that Chinese traditional painting also faces the same problems in this situation. In recent years, she has absorbed other artistic fields into her process, such as drama and costume design based on a large amount of sketches, and has had experimental innovations in the theme and form of ink painting. For example, she depicts traditional fashion models but in a freehand style,subverting the rules of popular culture for fashion. In addition, her focus on materials also has led her to experiment with new mediums.

Born in 1991
2012-2016  BA, School of Chinese Painting, Central Academy of Fine Arts
2016-2019  MA, School of Chinese Painting, Central Academy of Fine Arts
Exhibition and Award:
2013  International Art Conference, Macao Venetian Golden Light Exhibition Center, Macau
2014  Curator of the "Cun Cao Xin" exhibition, Jingwei Art Museum, Dingxi
2015  "Golden Actor Award" of Beijing College Student Drama Festival
2016  Curator of the "Stone- Grain" ink painting exhibition, Chang'an International Antique City, Xi'an
          Curator of the "301 Six People Exhibition", Song Zhuang Han Tang Art Space, Beijing
2017  "So Close So Far" exhibition, Chaoyang Academy of Calligraphy and Painting, Beijing
           Beijing Culture Fair, China International Exhibition Center, Beijing
2018  Xishuangbanna International Art Exhibition, Xishuangbanna National Museum, Jinghong
2019  "Dialogue"- 90 Young Artists Exchange Exhibition, Beijing Bobao Art Museum, Beijing
           "Flat View- Stuttgart" Sino-German Artists Exchange Exhibition, Jia Pingwa Art Museum, Xi'an
2008  Published in "Finding Black and White"
2016  Published in “World Affairs Pictorial” and “Art News of China