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Ying Liu
Ying Liu's brilliant oil painting and woodcut creations originated from her broad vision, rich accumulation of life experience, and her persistent contemplation of art.Sharing joy and love is one of the purposes of Ying’s artistic creation, so she has always maintained a dialogue with various cultures and things. Additionally, Ying is not confined to particular mediums, subjects, colors, and other frameworks. In addition to exhibiting the unique line expression of woodcut, she boldly uses color to form a creative language with an international perspective. Ying Liu's exploration of traditional culture and psychology also endows her works with profound meanings.

Born in 1984
2004-2008  BA, Printmaking, School of Fine Arts, Central Academy of Fine Arts
2008-2010  State Academy of Art and Design, Stuttgart, Germany
2016-2019  MA, Printmaking, School of Fine Arts, Central Academy of Fine Arts
Exhibition and Award:
2006  "Academic Award" of the 1ST China Contemporary Academy Watercolor Art Exhibition
2008  "Forest Series I" and "Forest Series II" were successfully sold by China Guardian Auctions, Beijing
          "Ceremony of Beauty and Peace", Modern Japanese Masterpiece Exhibition, China Millennium Monument World Art Museum, Beijing
          "Incubation" exhibition, Egg Gallery, Cao Chang Di, Beijing
2014  "!” exhibition, Kong Contemporary Art Agency, Cao Chang Di Art District, Beijing
2015  Most Paintings- The 2nd Exhibition of Chinese Youth Oil Paintings, National Art Museum of China, Beijing
2016  "Forest" solo exhibition, 11 Gallery, Beijing
           "Urban" solo exhibition, 11 GALLERTY and IMP PARLOR, Beijing
2017  "1 plus 4" Teachers and Students Exhibition by Tang Chenghua Studio, Shengzhi Space, Beijing
          The 1st Jiangxi Composite Material Painting Exhibition, Jiujiang Art Museum, Jiujiang
2017  The 2nd Biennale of Composite Material Painting, Ningbo Art Museum, Ningbo
           "Ceremony on Tuyere" group exhibition, 798 Art District, Beijing
2018  "The Mob" exhibition, Mayano Space, Beijing
           "Peak Mountain No Flat Road"- Research Exhibition by Li Keran Research Center, Sunshine International Museum, Beijing
2019  Olympia International Open Art Competition International Exhibition
2008  "Forest" was collected by the Central Academy of Fine Arts