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Wanyu Guo

Different hues of purple run through Wanyu Guo’s works to show the mood changes in the growth of contemporary youth. Their curiosity about the world, the confusion and uncertainty about the future, and the reflection on life and death, all constitute her varying emotional states. Wanyu internalizes this intense emotion in her works, such as in the Violet series, in which she depicts the parrots she raised, as well as mysterious mandalas and skulls. The color purple is used to create a quiet, virtual space. The tone of the painting invites the viewer into her spiritual world. The

process of creative expression through painting is not only Wanyu’s method of self-healing, but also her presentation of life experience and life examination.

Born in 1995
2015-2019  BA, Sculpture Department, Central Academy of Fine Arts
Exhibition and Award:
2017   Wall Painting for the Movie "Lost in Love"
2019  "Violet" was awarded the 3rd. prize of graduation creation works, the Central Academy of Fine Arts