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Qinyu Zheng

Qinyu Zheng's profound understanding and meticulous tracing of ancient cultural relics is astounding. Inspired by Chinese traditional culture, literature and art history, she reinterprets ancient artifacts and Chinese classics in her works, giving

the viewer intuitive visual enjoyment while injecting strong history and color into the picture. This description of artifacts, similar to documentary records, restores the creative ideas of ancient craftsmen, shows the charm of cultural relics, and tries to arouse people's attention to ancient relics and traditional culture.

Born in 1994
2012-2016       BA, School of Design, Central Academy of Fine Arts
2015                  Exchange student, Art Department, Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain
2016-2019       BA, School of Design, Central Academy of Fine Arts
2019-Present  Pursuing a master's degree in Illustration as Visual Essay at the School of Visual Arts, New York.
Exhibition and Award:
2016  The 3rd prize of graduation creation works of undergraduates from Central Academy of Fine Arts
           "A Journey of a Thousand Miles" Outstanding Graduate Exhibition of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Tai Temple Art Museum, Beijing
          "Invisible World" artist group exhibition, Art+ Gallery, Shanghai
2017  Visual designer for the "Not Yet- Future" global education program exhibition
2018  Illustration Author of "Grandpa Liu Xinwu Talks About Dream of the Red Chamber      
           Illustration Author of "Six Thousand Years- The Story of Cultural Relics"