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"Yiyi" Intercultural International Artist Residency Program is Officially Launched
Project Introduction
Application Materials
Eligible Applicants   
Timetable of the Residency Program in 2019
Relevant Terms and Limitations
Project evaluation and selection criteria
1. Location of Residency: Princeton "Yiyi" Residential Space, USA ("Yiyi" Residential Space is located in Princeton, New Jersey, an hour's drive from New York or from Philadelphia.).
2. Number of artists in Residency: 25 young artists for one application section, 4 sections for one year- a total of 100 young artists in the program per year.
3. Residency period: 3 months.
4. Subsidies (paid by the sponsor):
    Round-trip international air tickets.
    Monthly subsistence allowance of $1,000.
    Opportunities to communicate with famous international art institutions, artists and curators.
5. Artists who participate in the program should create at least three pieces of artworks during the program. After the program is completed, all artworks will be exhibited at top galleries in New York.
In order to support and encourage the creation and development of young artists, World Arts Education Corporation, USA (WAEC) decided to establish the "Yiyi" Intercultural International Artist Residency Program (YYAP).

The aim of this program is to provide a high standard international exchange platform for artists from all nations, and to support eligible young artists on artwork creation and knowledge/experience exchanges in the U.S. for three months. The sponsor will also hold an annual exhibition to display the artworks from the program. Young artists aged between 18 and 35 from all nations can apply independently and candidates recommended by top international art colleges are accepted as well.
1. Application Form (Annex I): From the date of selection, the application form can be downloaded from World Arts Education Corporation’s website ( Name, gender, date of birth, ID number, photo, permanent address, telephone number, e-mail address, resume, researches, exhibition experience and artwork creation proposal during the residency (1300-1500 words) should be provided.           
2. Copy of personal passport (front page).           
3. Letters of Recommendation (Annex II). Letters should be written by industry experts (curators, directors, or other senior art experts) with their signatures. Note: recommenders should not be related by blood or by marriage to candidates.           
4. Self-recommendation Letter (Annex III). Letter should be 500-1000 words and written and signed by the applicant.
5. High resolution images of personal representative artworks (8-10 images).

The above materials should all be provided in English and compressed into a file of no more than 25M in size. Applicants should send all materials to by October 31, 2019. The subject of the email should be followed as: applicant's name + YYAP.           

The application materials will be considered as advertising materials approved by the sponsor once submitted by the applicant. Pictures, videos and written materials of representative artworks are also considered to be authorized by artists for promotion and marketing purpose of the program, as well as for relevant publications.
1. Artists aged between 18 and 35 from all nations.       
2. Area of creation is visual arts (applicants should have participated in and held at least one group exhibition and one individual exhibition).         
3. Proficient in verbal and written English.
Application starts on September 30, 2019, and the deadline is at 24:00 on October 31, 2019.     
By November 30, 2019, the names of selected artists will be published on the official website of World Arts Education Corporation and other medias.      
World Arts Education Corporation
                                          September, 2019
1. The selected artists will sign relevant agreements with World Arts Education Corporation to clarify the rights and obligations for both parties.           
2. Before the end of the Residency Program, each artist should provide at least three pieces of artworks, which will be owned by the sponsor.           
3. Artists shall not alter their stay schedule without authorization during the program.           
4. After registration, the applicant authorizes the sponsor to use his or her personal information for project-related purposes by manual or electronic messages.
The "Yiyi" Intercultural International Artist Residency Program will invite outstanding art industry experts as members of the International Selection Committee, which is composed of internationally renowned artists, curators, art critics, art academies and gallery directors. The International Selection Committee consists of 7-9 members, who will participate in the assessment anonymously and independently to select 100 artist candidates. The selected artists will participate in the Residency Program from January in the following year according to the assigned application sections. The evaluation is based on the following criteria:           
1. The originality and feasibility of the artwork creation proposal.
2. Artist's resume and the artistic level of the representative artworks.     
3. The academic quality of the artwork creation proposal.
The final results will be published on World Arts Education Corporation's website (, and the candidates will be notified by written notices.