World Arts Education Corporation

Exhibition Name:    Delayed Choice: Chinese New-Generation Female Artists Exhibition

Exhibition Time:      18-22 November 2019

Location:                  Numina Gallery, Princeton, USA

                                  151 Moore St, Princeton, NJ 08540, USA


World Arts Education Corporation(WAEC)

Beijing Municipal UNESCO Clubs Association(BJUNESCO)

Exhibition's Schedule:

Nov. 16 (Saturday):   12:00pm-3:00pm   VIP private exhibition

Nov. 18-Nov. 21:       3:30pm-7:30pm   Exhibition

Nov. 22 (Friday):        3:30pm-6:00pm   Exhibition

                                   6:00pm-8:00pm   Closing reception

Exhibited Artists:

Jia Chu, Rui Feng, Tianshu Gong, Wanyu Guo, Nan Hu, Yanhe Liu, Ying Liu, Yiran Wang, Yu Wang, Yujing Wang, Huanpan Xie,

Huichao Yang, Huimin Yang, Wen Zhang, Yunfei Zhang, Zijia Zhang, Qinyu Zheng, Qianyin Zhuo

In 1979, at the seminar of the 100th anniversary of Einstein's birth in Princeton, Einstein's colleague, quantum physicist John Wheeler, proposed a bold idea of "delayed choice ", which explains that history of the universe can be determined after it actually happened. In other words, history is determined by the future, and current choices can influence and change what has happened in the past.

It was also in this year that the United States and China formally established diplomatic relations. Over the past 40 years, the friendly exchanges between the people of the United States and China have continued to develop, and thus the mutual understanding between the two peoples and cultures has been enhanced. In this historical process, all participants are changing and creating history, and future participants will also influence and change present reality, as revealed by Wheeler's famous thought experiment.

Tianshu Gong
Ying Liu
Yunfei Zhang
Yanhe Liu
Qinyu Zheng
Qianyin Zhuo
Rui Feng
Yujing Wang
Huanpan Xie
Wanyu Guo
Jia Chu
Yiran Wang
Wen Zhang
Huimin Yang
Zijia Zhang
Nan Hu
Huichao Yang
Yu Wang