World Arts Education Corporation

WAEC has further in-depth cooperation with Ecole intuit.lab(France). Accompanied by the head of the Admissions Department, WAEC visited Ecole intuit.lab in France, a high-level art university affiliated with the French Ministry of Culture. The main campus is located in the 15th district of Paris and has branches in Provence and India.In 2017, it ranked first in French design colleges and universities.                                             more>>
WAEC conducted a second round of cooperation talk with the Mannes School of Music. The three deans and all department heads attended the conference, reflecting the school's high regard and sincerity. On the basis of last year's cooperation, the two sides conducted more in-depth and extensive exchanges on the introduction of music courses and professional teachers.                                                           more>>
WAEC organized students to visit ColumbiaUniversity and interacted with art history and philosophy departments. Columbia University is one of the world's top private research universities in Manhattan. It is one of the five oldest universities in the United States and one of the universities with the Nobel Prize winners.
Recommended list of American Art Universities and Colleges (1)——
- Graphic Design
- Industrial Design
- Film Producing
- Fashion Design...
Recommended list of American Art Universities and Colleges (2)——
- Jewelry Design
- Interior Design
- Architecture Design
- Illustration Design...
WAEC visited the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and had a fruitful exchange with Ms. Gwen Farrelly / Executive Director of the school, focusing on curriculum and academic resources. RISD hopes that both sides can carry out more substantive cooperation.
WAEC visited the Artn Institue of Seattle and met with the new Dean, Ms. Lindsey Morgan, to discuss the educational cooperation.

WAEC met with Mr. Lennie Pitkin (International Director) and Ms. Quyen Le (Assistant Director of the International Department) of the Pacific Northwest College of Art (PNCA). Both sides hope to have more cooperation in the field of educational exchanges, such as courses and enrollment.                                                                                                 more>>
WAEC visited the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and had a sincere meeting with Ms. Sue Rowley, Executive Principal and Chief Academic Director. Ms. Sue Rowley expected much more cooperation between boths sides in terms of academics.